Chad Hause Bio

Chad Hause

Athlete: Chad Hause

Lives: Michigan

Go to Gear: I use it all but the handheld, double barrel and endurance pack along with the plethora of trucker hats are my goto

Primary Sport: Ultra Running

My passion is my family, running and generally anything that allows me to get outside and enjoy all the wonders that exist outside our front doors

While my primary sport is running, I am also a big fan of cross training and outdoor workouts using anything that I might be able to find on hand wherever I may be.

My favorite race food is consists of three things pickles, watermelons and peanut butter and jelly

My favorite hydration mix is a hammer both the heed and perpetuem, supplemented with cliff shot bloks and Salt Stick Endurolyte caps

A major quirk, I am sure that I have many although others around me could probably tell you better than I, would be these two things 1. I constantly lose just about anything that is not surgically attached to my body 2. I am constantly looking at everything around me as an object that I should figure out a way to climb (much to the chagrin of my wife )

If I were to relate to an animal I would have to pick the wolf. Solitary and Strong in there own right, they are even stronger as a pack.

The number one piece of advice that I could give to any runner is to be patient and consistent.  It's often too easy to get caught up in what someone else you know is doing and feel like you want to be right there, right now. A lesson I have learned the hard way doesn't produce results or joy in your sport,

Fun for me consists of any activity with my family, anything that happens outside or anything that may encourage someone to attempt something that they never have done 

My post race ritual is pretty similar and it always begins with the biggest hug I can possibly give to my wife and boys. That is usually followed up with a nice ice cold IPA and celebrating everyone's victories that participated in whatever race I may be at

I've been running for approximately 9 1/2 years. I was a late starter and initially one of those that thought of running as a punishment. All that it took was a bet and stepping on a trail to quickly change my mind.4

This sport has provided more to me than I can describe. What I find joy in has changed and adapted as I have developed this passion but three main things are the serenity that it provides, the ability to see and encourage people to accomplish more than they ever thought was possible and the way that watching our community interact and support each other renews my faith in the human spirit each and every time

It's really hard to pick a favorite race because they all have a special place. But if I would have to pick just one I would say Marquette Trail 50.

My favorite local trail would actually be a trio. The Potowatami Trail, Pontiac Lake Recreation Area and Highland Lake Recreation Area

I honestly use just about every piece of Orange Mud gear ever made, but my favorite so far would have to be the Double Barrel Vest Pack or the New Endurance Pack. They make going out on long and mind clearing runs and easy proposition due to the ability to make sure I have the ability to carry everything I need

I am currently a Regional Manager for a Small Italian Chain called Papa Vino's. I have been with them for over 21 years now

My biggest personal accomplishment is probably setting my 50 mile PR last year at the age of 41 and finishing the Barkley Fall Classic this year

I combine mostly a personally developed schedule with input from various sources. However, this year I did use a coach and a few key friends that have helped propel me to what was a great a even more importantly fully healthy year

Dream Race would have to be finishing the Black Hills 100 on my second attempt next year

I do sometimes listen to headphones, but when I do its always at a low enough volume or with one earbud out so I never am unaware of my surroundings

My inspiration honestly comes from the never ending support and encouragement that I have received from my wife and boys on this crazy journey.  

I have in the past struggled greatly with injuries and much of that was due to a few key mistakes in training (see my advice for newer runners).  With the guidance of my coach and the few individuals I mentioned earlier I am happy to say that I running farther, stronger and more consistently now.  

The best piece of advice I was ever given was to slow down and take the time to enjoy what it was I doing.  

Twitter and Instagram handles @2_run26