Athlete Profile - Avery Collins

Avery Collins

Athlete: Avery Collins

Lives City/State: Steamboat Springs, CO

Go to Orange Mud Gear: Handheld

Primary Sport: Ultra Running

Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your passion, your joy in life, anything special you’d like to share.

I really just like getting “sendy” meaning send and/or drop everything. I like ALL forms of adventure. Climbing high altitude mountains, snowboarding, splitboarding, cycling, skiing and most of all running. If there is a way to move across the mountains I am on board for it no matter what form of movement that is.

What sports do you participate in?

Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking, Paddleboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding, Running, Splitboarding, Golf, Basketball

What is your favorite race food?

PB&J / Quesadilla

What is your go to hydration mix?

Cranked Naturals

Do you have a major quirk you’d like to share?

I realllllly enjoy a pre-run canna bowl or edible.

If you were relate to an animal, what would it be?


If a newbie to your sport asked for one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t rush into anything and TRUST the process. OR contact Power Couple Coaching.

Do you have any racing pet peeves? (Gel packets, mud, thorns, smelly runners, etc).

New Socks every race for sure. I don’t like to plan too much.

What do you do for fun?

Snowboard A LOT!

What is your post race ritual?

Beer AS SOON AS I CROSS THE FINISH LINE. I typically crave either a burger, quesadilla or wings… Sometimes all of the above.

How long have you been running?

5 years. 4 years Ultra.

Why do you enjoy the sport?

I just love being able to go to epic mountainous places and an ability to see things people will never see in their entire lifetime all in sometimes just a short 24 hour period or less in a 100 mile race. 

What's your favorite trail race?

Fat Dog 120.

What's your favorite local trail?

Slavonia Trail in the Zirkel Wilderness.

What's your go to piece of Orange Mud gear and why?

The handheld because I just like the simplicity of them. Its not that I am a minimalist but its just that I like to simplify things as much as possible.

Profession and educational background?

I went to school at Cape Fear Community College for two years so I could surf and bae watch everyday… That obviously didn’t do much for me.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport? 

Crushing the canna stigma that has been around for ages as well as being known for one to take down the biggest baddest races in the world and remaining competitive.

Do you have a set training schedule and if so, what's it like? If not, how do you decide what to do? 

Mmm… I wouldn’t say I have a set schedule but I push for 30 to 35 hours a week of snowboarding, cycling and running combined.

What's your dream race? 

Tor Des Geants.

Favorite book for athletes?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite book. But Erik Larson is def the man!

Do you listen to audiobooks or music during exercise? 

Eh… I listen to music sometimes. Reggae, rap and a little Electronic.

What advice would you give to a new runner coming into the sport?

Perhaps seek out coaching advice through your first few ultras if that’s an option. 

Have you struggled with any injuries? How do you manage them? 

I have struggled with a hamstring issue pretty badly in the past. I have found as long as I am very pro-active on rolling out and stretching it makes a world of difference. Also, recovery is key. I am not saying to be lazy but laying of for running for a month or two a year can help tremendously.

What was the best advice you were ever given? 

There is always someone working harder than you. I don’t know, its something that really makes me push myself to the limits so that hopefully just maybe that advice won’t be true one day.

What is your favorite local running or biking store?

Twisted Trails Running Co.

Three Rivers Running Co.

Vertical Runner Breck