Male and Female Endurance Nutrition Meal Programs

Endurance sports pushes the limits of our bodies physically and mentally, but one of the biggest challenges is proper nutrition. During a race nutrition can make or break your event, but keeping up during training is just as important to make sure you toe the finish line ready to go. We asked our favorite sports nutritionist, Angie Asche, to help us design a realistic nutrition plan for the everyday athlete. Thanks Angie! Keep in mind this is a starting point, and if you want to dig deeper please reach out to her to build one just for you.

A couple of things to note:

  • This plan is designed around 4 days a week. Why? Because most of us aren't professional athletes, we have families, weekends where food intake goes off the nutrition plan, etc. So we wanted a plan to get started being good 4 days a week, and everything above that is a bonus. Thanks Angie for doing this for us! 
  • We have a female and male focused plan with different weight based consumption too. 
  • This plan has some great healthy recipes in it, but check out her recipe section for some nutritious and health conscious snacks. Link-Recipes

Want to learn more and get a free sample program? Contact Angie! 

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