How to Plan a Bike Tour

How to Plan a Bike Tour

Touring on a bike gives you the world at your fingertips. Bike tour, as simple as it sounds, is traveling by bicycle for longer distances than your usual route. Going on a bike tour gives you the chance to see more places but of course, it is more challenging both physically and mentally, and it requires more preparation than a simple bike ride downtown.

Check out the below for some tips and advice on how to plan your bike tour!


  1. Decide on the tour type

There are different types of tours that you might decide to do. If you like traveling and meeting new people with the guidance of someone who has the experience, you may consider a guided bike tour. A self-guided tour is a bit more challenging, especially for a first-time bike tourist but it gives you more self-freedom to decide your itinerary for the trip.

  1. Decide on the tour size

If you decide to go with a guided bike tour, then you need to decide on the tour group size. Some guided tours offer limited space while others can accommodate larger groups.. The destination and terrain can impact tour group size too.

3. Decide on the places that you want to visit

When deciding on your destinations and route to take, you need to make careful considerations such as the duration and distance of the tour, the terrain of the roads, the availability of places to rest, water and food stores, and a place to stay, in case of an emergency. 


  1. Plan your accommodations

Accommodations will mostly depend on your budget, requirements, and preference but it is important to consider places that are bike-friendly, too. 


  1. Know the expected weather conditions

Before finalizing everything for your bike tour, do not forget to check the expected weather forecast during the days of your planned tour. It will help you determine which type of clothes to wear and what you should pack for the whole trip. 

Whether you plan to ride on trails or roads, the first step towards this newfound adventure is to plan the routes and destinations for your tour and plan the accommodations, resources, and gear that you might need to use while you travel.