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Ultimate CrossFit Gyms

CrossFit can no longer be classified as a trend given its staying power—not to mention the massive industry it created. Nevertheless, if you’re part of the CrossFit lifestyle, you might find some of the following gyms as places you’d like to test your mettle.  

Outlaw CrossFit: Located in Alexandria, VA, Outlaw CrossFit provides a hybrid training that takes the foundation of CrossFit and merges it with the power lifting principles of Louie Simmons who was a top 10 power lifter for 30 years. The end result of this merging of training techniques is a CrossFit gym that has produced its fair share of champions, but more importantly leaves its members faster and stronger.  

Reebok CrossFit: If you’re sick of the New York City congestion or simply like your own space to grind, Reebok’s 10,000 square-foot CrossFit gym is absolutely massive—not to mention its proof that CrossFit is here to stay. After all, this major apparel company has its own CrossFit gym, which offers numerous specialized classes and an adjacent store with all the Reebok gear you would need to tighten up those glutes or deadlift a Smart Car.  

San Francisco CrossFit:

If you love CrossFit but find the standard sweaty box a bit cramped, San Francisco CrossFit might be the spot for you. Considering San Francisco CrossFit is based mostly outside, it offers a unique alternative to the standard CrossFit gym and was one of the world’s first CrossFit-affiliated gyms.