"We Care" Thank you USPS.

Kind of funny. We got this back from the post office for a package that we sent to a customer. This was a 12" x 12" x 6" tall box carrying a HydraQuiver. It came back a flat piece of cardboard from just the lid of the box. It's a good thing that they care though (see the "We Care" sticker), that's very nice of them. Do they care enough to refund shipping and the awesome hydration pack that was in it? Nope! Oh well....hopefully someone found the HydraQuiver wherever it ended up and got some use of it. Since it's built rock solid, I'm guessing it survived this issue. Guess that's our new tagline, "HydraQuiver, built so tough that even the post office can't destroy it".


We Care Thank You Usps.We Care Thank You Usps.