Runner Files: Anthony Forsyth July 14 2015, 0 Comments

Runner Files: Anthony Forsyth What’s next on Runner Anthony Forsyth’s agenda? A Desert Solstice 100 mile track race. “There are no distractions. It’s just mind numbing, hamster-like ... read more

Enduring the Extreme: 5 of the World’s Most Grueling Adventure Races March 18 2014, 0 Comments

Thanks to Laura Underwood for a great article from Sweet Relish.

Imagine running more than 100 miles through Death Valley, over treacherous mountain passes in the scorching heat, all by yourself. No, it’s not an image of the inner ring of hell; it’s the Badwater Ultramarathon. Each year there are countless endurance adventure races like this, all attracting the most daring and committed athletes on the planet. We’ve outlined the five most extreme events below.

Race #5: Antarctic Ice Marathon – Union Glacier, Antarctica

While the classic 26.2-mile distance may seem easily attainable to many seasoned runners, adding Antarctica to the mix will certainly cause anyone to think twice. The Southernmost Marathon on Earth is held at Union Glacier, one of the most difficult places to fly to in the entire world. While weather and terrain vary vastly from year to year, the entirety of the race is run on frozen waters and the temperature usually peaks around -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Even with a steep entry fee of more than $14,000, this race always sells out quickly.

Race #4: Click here to read the rest of the article.


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No bounce hydration, the ideal solution for your running adventure! January 29 2014, 0 Comments

Looking to upgrade your hydration pack collection? Checkout the HydraQuiver for no bounce ultra light running pack awesomeness! 


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Ray Runs Long HydraQuiver hydration pack review January 25 2014, 0 Comments

Orange Mud HydraQuiver: My Review by Ray J Jr.

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Go Big. Shop Small. Small Biz Saturday November 30 2013, 0 Comments

Do you Go Big? Perfect, hopefully you shop small.

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Do you love your hydration pack? Or do you hate it? November 26 2013, 0 Comments

We get a lot of compliments about our packs. Some of the best are "I forgot it was there" and "It's surprisingly comfortable". Music to our ears and exactly what we tried to design. With 24 oz of water storage, lots of room on the shoulder pockets, and a rear cargo area for extra stuff, you're set for a good day of trail or road running. 

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Black, Pink, Orange, Gray and Tan - HydraQuiver's now have a nice variety. November 23 2013, 0 Comments

New HydraQuiver colors released! Our ultralight packs are perfect for your daily training or competing in anything from 5k's, to marathons, to 100 mile ultras. They keep you hydrated, provide quick access to key items and most importantly, it disappears on your back. These ultra breathable packs will keep you cool, won't irritate or give you some painful rub mark, and will have you looking like a running rock star. Now available in Pink!
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